Looking to populate your own website with Cloke product?  There are two main ways to do so:


One-off import

Download CSV product file here.  Your developer will be able to do a one-off import using this file, and update in future using the same method.


Live API connection

The Cloke API provides a way to make Cloke products ‘live’ on your site. Say goodbye to manual product updates and CSV file imports – by connecting to the API, you’ll always be up to date.

The API is connected directly to Cloke’s internal systems. So whenever Cloke makes a change, the updated data will flow through the API. This includes stock levels – as product sells at Cloke, the API is updated automatically. Likewise, if Cloke updates an image, the new image will be updated on the API.

The following data is provided via the API. Your developer can use as much or as little of this as you wish:

- Product Name

- Product Description

- Style Code

- Brand

- Product Images

- Size Chart image

- Product Categories

- Product Type

- Product Options:

  • Style-Colour code
  • Style-Colour-Size code (SKU)
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Image for that colour
  • Price – please note this is your buy price, not RRP
  • Stock available – please note this is capped at 99; if we have 500 in stock, it will show as 99


To set up the API, contact us.  We will set up an endpoint and provide username, password and technical documentation which you can forward to your developer.