We use high quality fabrics that will stand the test of time. They are also optimized for embellishment, ensuring your logo or design looks the best it can, for years to come.


World-Leading Membrane Technology

Several Cloke styles feature a special membrane layer. A technologically advanced version of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it’s similar to the material used in ultra lightweight adventure tents and military-grade survival suits and is incredibly windproof and waterproof. You’ll find this on all Cloke softshells, the Coronet Jacket, the new Hauroko Windproof Fleece, and the new Luxmore Heavyweight Puffer.

A membrane that can layer within technical fabric and withstand stretching, washing, and the abuse of weather.

3-Layer Softshells

Softshell has been a buzzword for a while now.  And little wonder – it’s an incredibly versatile fabric, combining warmth, windproofing, and water resistance, with breathability, longevity, and ease of care.  At least, the Cloke ones do.  All Cloke softshells feature a 3-layer fabric.  At the core of this fabric is our world leading membrane layer with tiny pores, that blocks wind and water, yet allows water vapour to escape. Cloke softshells also feature 4-way stretch, making for a garment that can segue from office to active with ease.

Decoration Recommendation

Most suited for embroidery or DTF.   Cloke jackets with a separate lining also have concealed embroidery access zips to ensure the finished garment looks professional on the inside as well as the outside. Regular screenprinting and heat transfers are not recommended, as most Cloke jackets are made of water-resistant fabric that can react to processes involving heat. Read more about embellishment techniques here.


Truly one of nature’s super-fibres, merino comes with all the good points of regular wool, being renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, but with bonus points:  It’s much finer than regular wool, and isn’t itchy against the skin.  It’s a great temperature regulator, being arguably as good in summer as in winter.  Merino sheep themselves thrive in extreme temperatures – from freezing hill country through to scorching deserts.  Lastly, the fibre is inherently anti-microbial, meaning it neutralizes odours.

We use 21.5 micron merino from Australian farms, knitted into a 280gsm jersey – perfect for layering over a tee, polo, or button-up shirt.

Decoration Recommendation

Most suited for embroidery. Read more about embellishment techniques here.

RE-TEX™ Microfleece

It’s hard to beat the warmth of our 340gsm heavyweight microfleece. Microfleece’s strong fibres provide durability, breathability, and excellent insulation. We’re also transitioning all of our plain microfleeces to use only 100% recycled polyester. The material retains all of the same properties as virgin polyester but is significantly kinder to the environment, preventing PET (plastic) bottles from going to the landfill and polluting the oceans.

Choosing Cloke microfleeces over non-recycled options also provides a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process. That feels good, too.


Decoration Recommendation

Most suited for embroidery. Read more about embellishment techniques here.

Cotton/Recycled poly sweatshirting fleece

Soft, warm, sustainable. Cloke sweatshirting fabric typically contains 80% cotton and 20% recycled polyester.  The face of the fabric is 100% cotton making them feel fantastic and perfect for printing*.  The polyester in the backing gives strength and stability to the garment, meaning they last longer and hold their shape better.   The fabric is anti-pill and pre-shrunk.

Available in 3 weight families – the popular midweight 300gsm, heavyweight 360gsm and super heavyweight 450gsm. Ranges with recycled polyester are identifiable by this icon. Read more about sustainable fibres here.

*Marle colours have polyester in the face to create the classic melange look.

Decoration Recommendation

Most suited for screenprinting, embroidery, DTF, and heat transfer. Read more about embellishment techniques here.

XT Performance

The XT Performance fabrics have been developed with teamwear in mind.  They’re very colourfast, quick drying, and durable, and have a punchy depth of colour.

We have tees and polos in a lightweight 150gsm fabric, and hoodies and quarter-zips in a warm 270gsm fleece.

Decoration Recommendation

Suited for screenprinting, embroidery, DTF, and heat transfer. Read more about embellishment techniques here.

100% combed and ringspun cotton

When it comes to t-shirts, not all fabrics are created equal.  At the cheap end, there is carded open-end cotton.  Raw cotton is fed into a carding machine, which removes major impurities.  The remaining cotton fibres are fed into an open-end spinning rotor, which uses air jets and centrifugal force to create the yarn from which the fabric is knitted.

Combed, Ring-spun cotton starts off with the same cotton fibres.  After carding, the raw cotton is passed through a series of brushes that comb out any remaining impurities and short cotton fibres.  Ring spinning machines then draw and twist the fibres into yarn, making it tighter and thinner.

Cloke cotton tees – specifically the 185gsm, 145gsm and 220gsm product families - all feature combed, ringspun cotton.

Decoration Recommendation

Suitable for screenprinting, vinyl transfers, embroidery, and DTF. Read more about embellishment techniques here.