Garment Care

Always follow the care instructions.  They are there, oddly enough, to ensure your garment performs like it should...

You'll find them on the reverse of the neck label, or on the care label in the side seam.  Or both.

Typically they'll include the following, and sometimes there'll be garment-specific instructions too.


1. Machine wash cool, and with similar colours.  Yes our cotton garments are pre-shrunk and hold their shape well, but cotton and heat still don't really like each other that much.  

2. Don't soak, bleach, or dryclean.

3. Line dry in the shade.  We recommend not tumble drying, but if you must, turn the garment inside out and do it on 'cool'.

4. Chances are your Cloke has been screenprinted.  Make sure you don't iron the print (unless you like the melted look).



Polyester is strong and durable.  It holds its shape and colour well, is resistant to creasing, and is fast-drying.   Little wonder it is the most widely used clothing fibre globally.  Wash in cold or warm water with similar colours.  Don't bleach or dryclean.  


Merino is often touted as a wonder fibre.  Amongst its many properties, it wicks away sweat, is quick-drying and odour-resistant.  With all that, it shouldn't need a whole heap of washing.  When the time DOES come, turn inside-out, and then machine wash using a gentle / wool cycle.  Don't tumble dry.  It can be drycleaned.