Think you've got what it takes to join the Cloke crew?  Read on to find out more about us and any current vacancies.



To be the best supplier of ready-to-brand garments in NZ.



To make teams and organizations of all shapes & sizes look amazing.











We care for others - the team, our families, communities, customers and partners. 


And we look after ourselves, knowing our ability to care for others depends on our own wellbeing.

We don't think easy.  We think long term.  


We do things today that will save time tomorrow.  That will generate business tomorrow.  That will make things better tomorrow.

Nothing great ever happened without passion. 


We're passionate about what we do. 


We're passionate about doing better. 


We strive for greatness as a business, as a team, and in our individual roles.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable.


We don't waste time or resources.


We take both the initiative and the responsibility for our actions.



Customer Service


"This was a gap year role before continuing my studies in Health and Wellbeing, and it has truly exceeded my expectations.  I get to help people, which is my real passion,  and it’s my favourite part of the role.  Forming relationships and helping solve problems provides a real sense of satisfaction, and you know you are making a difference.  


The Cloke team is wonderful to work with and very supportive.  They involve you and really listen.  So is it still a gap year role?  No, it’s not.  I’m staying because I’m learning and enjoying every day at Cloke.  I know that’s pretty rare, so I intend to make the most of it and keep my Cloke journey going a bit longer."







Supply Chain Assistant


“I know it sounds boring.  When I tell people I’m a Supply Chain Assistant there’s either a look of bemusement or a nod that says ‘oh - that’s nice’ before the subject gets changed.  But when I walk through the doors at Cloke, the reality is completely different.  Behind those doors, I’m immersed in developing long-term projects for operational improvement and helping to change the way clients experience working with us.  There’s a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that’s both challenging and rewarding. 


So now when people ask me what I do, and I tell them, I tend to just smile and let them think what they want.  I know the truth and to be completely honest, it’s awesome.  Although I guess the secret is out now.”






Marketing Manager


“My journey with Cloke started after I moved back to NZ during Covid in 2020.  I’d completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and moved to the Gold Coast, working in clothing retail.  That all changed with Covid and I wanted to be near family, so I took a role in Customer Service at Cloke.  This is a company that gives you an opportunity to grow and encourages professional development, and I gradually took on more responsibility.  Then at the start of 2023, I was made Marketing Manager.


Cloke gives me the creative freedom to dream up new ideas and provides an environment where I feel comfortable sharing them.  The secret is in the people and the products.  I believe in both.  I can be myself and can take a lot of confidence from knowing the products and service Cloke provides are really special.  As is the entire company and everyone who works in it.”






Accounts & Finance


“The most important thing I can say about Cloke is that it has given me and my family the opportunity to live our dream.  That may sound melodramatic or sensationalist.  But it’s true.  


Working life for me began as a lawyer in Brazil, where I practised for three years, working in the Rio de Janeiro State Court.  Everything changed in 2018 when I stopped finding law beautiful and opened an actual beauty salon, growing the business to a team of 13.  Wanting more, I set my sights on gaining a masters degree in NZ, selling my business and arriving just before Covid.  Cloke has supported me through the residency process and I can honestly say I feel at home here.  It’s a dynamic environment and I’ve moved from Customer Service to Account & Finance, a position I really love. Cloke has believed in me and I believe in Cloke.  That’s very rare and very special.”



Inside Sales


"Family comes first.  So as a Mum of two returning to the workforce after maternity leave, it was really important to find an employer who does more than just talk about their values in a few LinkedIn posts.  They really do put family first, and the flexibility and support they’ve provided is amazing.  It means so much to know I can do what’s best by my kids.


At work, I spend a lot of time enjoying conversations with customers.  I say enjoying conversations rather than ‘making telesales calls’ because although I’m in a sales role, Cloke really is about the experience and helping customers.  So I spend a lot of time calling customers and asking them how I can help their business succeed.  That’s the favourite part of my role.  I get to solve problems and help people have a better day, and that makes me smile.  Hopefully them, too!"



No vacancies currently