About us

It’s 1966.  In downtown Auckland, Grandpa started making clothing.  Back then we were known as Banbury Cross.

The centre of our world was a tiny warehouse, upstairs on Queen Street.  Room was tight. There was a cutting table, some racking for fabric and a few shelves for finished garments.  Luxury was a kettle and jar of instant coffee. There was no fridge for the milk, so it didn’t really matter how you liked it.  If you visited, your coffee was served black and strong.

We may have been tight on space.  We may have been surrounded by more mess than we liked.  But creativity and quality was never stifled. Pretty soon we began to build a reputation for high quality childrenswear.  

Over the next few decades, the clothing industry underwent an unprecedented change.  We tried to keep up. Sometimes we got ahead. Sometimes we fell behind. But we adapted and we’re still here.  

That little warehouse in Queen Street has long gone.  Nowadays the centre of our world is Invercargill. A lot of the manufacturing is done offshore but we make sure it’s by people who have the same standards as us.  There’s more on that in our purpose 

Nowadays, the range is much larger.  We offer a bit of something for everyone.  From winter wear to athleisure. It’s all ready to be branded.  All ready for that bit of added flair. Or can be worn as is. Unadorned and simple.  

As for the future?  Who knows. We’re just happy to be where we are.  We’ll concentrate on doing things the right way, for the right reasons.  The rest will hopefully work itself out. If it doesn’t…well, we’re pretty sure Grandpa will let us know…