Sustainability is a core element of our purpose (With You All The Way).  Some say we’re being a little aspirational.  We are.  Aspiration leads to change and we need to change for the sake of our planet and future generations. 


Here’s some of initiatives and changes on our sustainability journey so far:


Compostable courier bags.

Over 90% of our courier bags are now ‘home compostable’, meaning exactly that – simply remove the address label and throw into your home compost. They are certified to the Australian Bioplastic Association AS5810-2010 (home) and the European EN13432-2000 (home and industrial) certification, which means a minimum biodegradation of 90% of the bioplastic / materials within 180 days.


Natural cartons.

We avoid using cartons that are bleached white, due to the use of chlorine in the bleaching process and the resultant toxic organochlorine byproducts.


Re-using the same cartons where possible.

Because why wouldn’t you?


Recycling cardboard and cartons that are unable to be re-used.

Thanks to Fullcircle, for pioneering this in New Zealand.


Changing from single-use to resealable bags.

At this point in time, some product is still best packaged in plastic for protection from decay caused by moisture. However by switching to resealable bags, we are ensuring that the bags can be re-used, while also being recyclable at the end of their life.


Recycling of general plastic waste

We are also phasing out single-use cups & cutlery from our canteen facilities.


Donating defective or end-of-line garments to charities

We support charities such as The Salvation Army, simultaneously reducing landfill while helping those that need it.  If you are a registered charity and this is of interest to you, please contact us here.


Minimising airfreight

Strategic stock levels mean over 99% of our product is shipped from the factory by seafreight, greatly reducing the carbon footprint associated with airfreight. In addition, having distribution centres in both Auckland and Invercargill mean we minimize inter-island freight within New Zealand.



Current and ongoing initiatives we are working on include:


Treatment of wastewater after fabric dyeing to ensure clean waterways.

As part of a broader project on the transparency of our supply chain, we are working with suppliers to ensure the dyeing processes and wastewater treatment systems meet environmental standards, and that no toxins or pollutants are being discharged into waterways. This is particularly critical in less-developed countries, where water supply infrastructure is less developed.


Further reducing the plastic we use in packaging

As noted above, some garments are susceptible to decay or spoilage if they become damp. Hence a balanced approach is required – to minimize the use of plastic, while ensuring product is not spoiled as a result – which in turn would lead to wastage and potential landfill.


Switching to eco / LED lighting in our warehouses

This project sees us replacing halogen lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting in our Invercargill warehouse as the lights reach the end of their lifespan. Our Auckland warehouse is already 100% LED.


Lastly, we are a proud to support Trees that Count and the Restoration Tree project, which aims to see millions of native trees planted across New Zealand. Check out here why native trees are so beneficial – and join us in supporting this fantastic conservation charity!