New Hoodie Names

We’ve given some new names to some of our hoodies.  It’s just to help personalise them a little and give them their own identity.  Somehow, telling friends how comfortable the ZHI Unisex Zip Hoodie is just didn’t roll off the tongue.  But tell folk how deliciously warm and snuggly ‘the Campfire’ hoodie is and we’re cooking with gas.  Or possibly wood anyway.

So here they go:


HHI Explorer Hoodie   (previously Premium Hoodie)

ZHH Zipped Explorer   (previously Premium Zip Hoodie)

TMP/TWP Maverick Hoodie   (previously 360 Pullover Hoodie)

TMZ/TWZ Daybreak Hoodie   (previously 360 Zip Hoodie)

ZHI/FHI Campfire Hoodie   (previously Unisex/Womens Zip Hoodie)

HSI/FGH Origin Hoodie   (previously Standard Hoodie)

CZH Moonlight Hoodie   (previously Contrast Zip Hoodie)

MTH Summer Arvo Hoodie   (previously Mens Lightweight Hoodie)

CPH Wanderlust Hoodie   (previously Contrast Pullover Hoodie)

DCH Colour Me Hoodie   (previously Contrast Drawcord Hoodie)

CHD Got Colour Hoodie   (previously Full Contrast Hoodie)


There’s also a few whose names haven’t changed – here they are for easy reference:

PRH Pocketless Hoodie

EHP Edge Hoodie

SLH Sleeveless Pullover Hoodie