Welcome to Cloke.  Formerly known as Banbury Clothing Ltd and Aurora Clothing.

As you can see, our family business has had a mix of brands for many years, dating right back to when Grandpa first started making clothing under the Banbury Cross label in the 1960’s.

These different brands all served their purpose well and had great reasons for existing.

Time marches on. Markets change. Products change. What was relevant once is no longer. As they say, the only constant is change. After much soul searching, we have decided to retire Aurora and Banbury, and are becoming Cloke ‘all the way’.

This will take time. You’ll see Aurora garments around for a while yet. Changing brands is a big job and there is plenty of Aurora-labelled stock still in our warehouses. 

To be clear, apart from the label, the garments are the same. Both Cloke and Aurora brands are our own. Cloke garments are made to the same spec as Aurora ones. They’ll work perfectly side-by-side in any uniform situation.

By now you will be thinking, what is Cloke anyway?
We’ll reply straight from the dictionary (apologies to Miriam-Webster):

Revival of an archaic spelling of Cloak.
1. A loose outer garment.
2. Something likened to an outer garment: such as a) something that envelops or conceals, b) a distinctive character or role
3. High quality garments with distinctive character, in particular of the hoodie or jacket genus, designed in the southern city of Invercargill New Zealand.

Stay warm,
Team Cloke